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Common sense for the common good

Dissolvable cleaning and hand soap products

Common Sense for the Common Good

Soluble products will inevitably replace the need to ship water-based substitutes all over the world.
It's just plain common sense!

ECOKAPS provide a huge range of soluble and reusable products for both retail and commercial markets. Whether you are a distributor, wholesaler, commercial cleaning company or home owner, ECOKAPS products are a huge step in the right direction for your own personal convenience and the environment; without compromising on price or quality.

Let's work together to help save the planet, one single use bottle at a time!

A Quality Clean

Quality ingredients that deliver an excellent and refreshing clean.


Citrus based. Recyclable. Biodegradable packaging. 37x less shipping volume!


Lots of eco-friendly products are expensive - not ECOKAPS!

No Nasty Chemicals

Safe for you, your home & family.

One Tiny Product , One Huge Impact!

ECOKAPS are concentrated cleaning formula products that dissolve when added to water. They are small enough to easily drop into almost any standard sized bottle, container or dispenser unit.


Dissolvable tablets perfect for both home or commercial use. All of our tablets are independently tested to the highest clinical standards.


Soluble powder for almost any home or commercial cleaning / personal care need. Independently tested to the highest clinical standards.

Bottles & Dispensers

Style combined with strength in our robust & long lasting range of reusable pump / spray bottles and sleek wall dispenser units.

Kits & Packs

Check out our range of kits & packs designed for both retail & commercial sales; suitable for everything from supermarket shelves to online & commercial sales & use.

Change is Easy

Change is Easy

You'll wonder why you hadn't changed years ago...

In many ways, when the benefits are so obvious, it’s hard to understand why we haven’t been using tablets like these for years. Soluble tablets and reusable bottles equate to nothing less than a huge reduction in everything from transport emissions and energy consumption to plastic waste.

We understand that, like us, you are driven to help reduce your personal carbon footprint. It’s extremely frustrating when doing so often costs much more than regular products. Not any more, thank goodness! Changing to ECOKAPS dissolvable hand soap and cleaning tablets means that, together, we can all take huge steps in the right direction for our planet.

Wholesale & Distribution


If you have an existing distribution network or would like to purchase ECOKAPS products for resale please get in touch with us.

There is absolutely no doubt that this type of product is the future in the industry. Now is the time to get into the market and build market share as consumer habits begin to change. We have a large number of territories around the world under negotiation at the moment, so don’t delay in making contact with us.


ECOKAPS has a production capability in excess of 1 million tablets per day and can supply almost any international market. From cruise ships to hotels or commercial cleaning companies we have the quality product and range to ensure great results; in performance of product, ROI and delivery.

You’ll save dramatically on shipping costs (37x less volume to ship!) and will be able to market your positive eco-friendly status - whilst making a very real difference to the state of our environment.


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