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ECOKAPS is a company driven to make the world a better place.

Deeply entrenched in our philosophy is a belief that businesses must take ownership and responsibility for the care of the environment. As parents and grandparents ourselves, we want to leave a better world for our children.


At our heart, we are an organisation that supplies ‘eco-positive’ products to global markets in the most affordable and socially responsible way possible.

The founders of ECOKAPS bring over 180 years of combined trade, logistics and marketing experience to the table. We have a forward thinking, socially conscious and ‘common sense for the common good’ business model that beautifully balances the wellbeing and success of our people, our client’s return on investment goals and the health of our planet.

We have spent significant time and resource canvassing a considerable number of manufacturers in order to source and develop, what we genuinely believe, is the best product on the market. We have tested an incredible number of formulas for every product type to ensure excellent quality and minimal environmental impact.



James Higgs

General Manager

James brings over twenty years of business, marketing and financial management experience to ECOKAPS. Having lived and worked in New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia and South Korea he has a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience that help lead ECOKAPS toward becoming a powerhouse in the 'dissolvable' market.

Syd Shilling

General Manager - Australia

Syd has over 40 years of organisational management and sales experience. Born in New Zealand, Australia has now been home for over two decades. Syd’s desire and passion to give back to community and help those finding things a bit tough has led him to ECOKAPS; his drive to help preserve our environment a major influence on his decision to co-found the business.

Gena Nicholl

Operations Manager

Gena began her career as a web developer and has over 15 years of systems, operational and management experience. Her eye for detail and ability to navigate both practically and efficiently across organisational processes is second to none.


Like so many other like-minded people in the world, we too wanted to help protect the planet for future generations.

We thought hard about how we could contribute to better commercial responsibility, and decided that we wanted to reduce the amount of single use plastic clogging our landfills, waterways and oceans.

Whilst we understand that there aren't really any 'silver bullet' type overnight fixes when it comes to changing global habits in general product use, production and transport. We do figure though, that if we can help take steps in the right direction we can help to make changes for good.

So we went ahead looked into a few things that we thought would be 'common sense for the common good'...

It's true that:

  • Some products are marketed as recyclable, but not every country or region actually has the infrastructure/capability to effectively recycle these materials. Which effectively turns a lot of recyclable product back into single use material.
  • Aluminium and glass are two of the most widely recycled materials on the planet
  • A lot of products are predominantly water, which is bulky and heavy to transport; not to mention easily sourced in most destination countries.
  • Shipping costs have gone up huge amounts since the beginning of the COVID outbreak
  • The more container ships, the more emissions, the more risk of accidents/spills, the more truck and courier emissions etc. 
  • So many of us are still using single-use plastic (sometimes non recyclable) bottles. Even if they are recyclable, the environmental impact of constantly recycling single-use bottles is not great.
  • There are no - at least from all of our research - fully biodegradable spray or pump units in manufacture anywhere yet to place on the top of our recyclable bottles (that at the very least don't break really easily). Rest assured we are working with scientists to try and make this happen - we are nearly there solving this problem. If you're reading this and you know where we can get them, please let us know!

When we realised we could transport the equivalent of thirty-seven containers of everyday cleaning liquid in just one container using dissolvable tablets, we thought, whoah, awesome!

Yes, we know that we are still transporting product, and still creating bottles, but at least the result is the opportunity to hugely reduce our daily, monthly and annual impact. It’s a big step in the right direction.

We won’t be stopping there though! There are so many more things we have in the pipeline that will help our precious planet and we can’t wait to roll them out. Watch this space!