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ECOKAPS are a revolution in the delivery of core cleaning products into global markets.

They are an efficient and profitable way for distributors to cut costs and maintain, or even increase, margins whilst helping the planet; all in one product!

We all know of, or have even had ourselves, less than favourable shipping experiences since the COVID outbreak. Costs have skyrocketed with only partial stabilisation recently. ECOKAPS divide your shipping space and costs by 37 times; it really is a phenomenal change!

The important thing for consumption is that ECOKAPS are genuinely price competitive in the market. Most eco-friendly options are more expensive than regular alternatives. Your purchase price from us means you are far more market accessible and can move higher volumes more easily. Both you and your consumer benefit, not too mention the planet as well.

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We specialise in the manufacture and distribution of soluble tablets, powder, pods and sheets for a variety of household, personal care, vehicle and commercial uses.

Almost anything that requires dilution or absorption with water we produce in a way that is much better for the environment than traditional options.


We are excited to be able to present excellent pricing for an eco-friendly product.

Our aim is to deliver a product that is market competitive against eco and non-eco friendly products, whilst still providing excellent quality performance.


Independently tested by independent and internationally recognised testing organisations.

Our production facilities are fully certified and ISO approved.


We are able to deliver large scale production capacity; in excess of 1 million tablets per day.


Our head office and main operational hub is in Dunedin New Zealand, with additional offices on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.


Consumers are both motivated and well versed when it comes to cost-effective changes of habit that benefit the planet.

Many 'eco-friendly' products are often too expensive to be widely accessible, not to mention too difficult to implement as permanent personal changes in habit.

That’s why ECOKAPS are destined to become the mainstream way to manage cleaning and many personal care products - both domestically and commercially.

Just as we are becoming accustomed to (and now prefer) no mess dishwasher tablets, ECOKAPS make for easier storage and simple, measurable, application.

If you are interested in getting a sample box, becoming a wholesale reseller or distributor of ECOKAPS products please get in touch.

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